Does PureVPN Work with Netflix US?

Streaming fans all across the globe doesn’t need an introduction to Netflix. After all, it is the streaming giant in the industry and the service that leads others with its heavy and ever-expanding the content library.

Netflix has been in the industry for many years, and over the span, it has gained millions of viewers from across the globe. In fact, it is perhaps the only streaming service that has regional versions available in up to 190 regions.

The only thing that makes thing problematic for streamers is the geo-restriction practiced by the granddaddy of streaming. The streaming service does so because of the content licensing issue. After all, broadcasters produce local content which can be culturally sensitive. So, the broadcasters keep the transmission limited to the specific region.

The Problem with Netflix

Anyway, the location-based transmission is frowned upon by many viewers because it restricts them from watching shows that are making waves in other countries. Same is the case with Netflix US library, which is as the name suggests only available in the US.

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Truth be told, there are more US Netflix fans on the internet than other Netflix versions.

Now, you may wonder, Does PureVPN work with Netflix US?

The Answer is YES! PureVPN Works with Netflix US

Netflix might be an enemy of many VPN providers since it is known for blacklisting VPN IP addresses. However, PureVPN boasts a huge pool of Netflix-compatible IP addresses that can give you instant access to Netflix US’s 5000+ content.

You can access Netflix US with PureVPN via its desktop app or a browser extension. Here’s how you can access Netflix US with PureVPN browser extension:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Get browser extension for Chrome or Firefox
  3. Install the extension and enter login details of PureVPN
  4. Go to Popular Websites
  5. Find and click Netflix US
  6. You will be redirected to Netflix US webpage
  7. Login to Netflix US and enjoy its 5000+ content from anywhere

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