How Do I Use PureVPN on Android?

According to statistics, Android has a whopping market share of 75.27%, while Apple comes second with a 22.74% market share. A huge market share doesn’t only mean a lot of Android users in the world, but it also makes Android a potential target for cyberattacks.

Cyber threats are rapidly growing across the world. Cyber criminals don’t discriminate targets but attack every entity or individual to steal their precious data, sell it on the dark web or abuse it to satisfy other purposes.

Therefore, it becomes important for users to set up tools on their devices which can help them avoid the terrible consequences of cyberattacks. One such tool that can help you in this regard is a VPN and not just any VPN but the leading provider in town, PureVPN.

Why You Need PureVPN on Your Android Device?

If you compare PureVPN with other services in the industry, you are sure to find out it offers more powerful features and functionalities that others lack.

For starters, you get to secure your internet traffic using the military-grade encryption used by the VPN. Moreover, it offers Split Tunneling that allows you to split the VPN and non-VPN traffic. It further lets you speed up your VPN activities such as streaming or downloading.

Apart from that it also offers IPv6 leak protection as well as DNS leak protection. These are the privacy-centric features that keep your real IP hidden at all times.

There’s more to it than meets the eye and you can check it out by visiting its Google Play Store.

How to Set Up PureVPN on Android

Setting up PureVPN on your Android device is fairly easy. You can do it in two ways: via Android client or manual installation. For manual installation, you can check out the support page.

Here’s how you can get the Android client:

  1. Sign up to PureVPN premium plan
  2. Visit Google Play Store and download the app
  3. Install the app
  4. Launch the app
  5. Select Mode
  6. Enjoy VPN on your Android.

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