PureVPN Service Quality – Attested by Industry Leaders

PureVPN Service Quality

Savvy VPN user or not, you would always want a VPN that offers the best service quality. Surely, you don’t spend your precious bucks on a product or service to expect low—standard quality. Do you?

When it comes to virtual private network services, you want uninterrupted service throughout the day. Moreover, you need a service that can promise reliability. After all, VPN applications are used for anonymity and even a second-long interrupted in the service could lead to IP exposure, unless the VPN has any protective measures for such cases.

Regardless, PureVPN promises optimum service quality in the entire industry. And, it isn’t just another claim in the market but a proven statement, backed by industry experts.

What Makes PureVPN Fans Favorite?

There are several reasons – or you may say positive aspects – that make PureVPN so popular amongst the millions of VPN users, across the six continents.

For starters, the VPN operates from Hong Kong, where they don’t have any laws that are prevalent in the US or other European regions, i.e., laws like surveillance, data retention, censorship, etc. Moreover, the VPN has garnered not only a good following over the years but also good coverage and a large IP pool. Currently, it stands at 6500+ VPN servers and 300,000+ IPs which are more than enough for any moderate to savvy VPN user. With such extensive coverage, users get to join any location they want virtually and access the content that is often blocked due to country censorship laws or the regional licensing issues.

Apart from that, the VPN service uses military-grade encryption technology and multiple tunneling protocols. In fact, it has a large knowledge base that boasts easy tutorials on manual protocols setup guides, and more.

Besides the fundamental VPN functionalities, PureVPN boasts added features that offer users an extra level of convenience and the peace of mind. For instance, the VPN has:

  • Internet Kill Switch
  • Split Tunneling
  • Multi-logins in up to 5 devices
  • IPv6 leak Protection
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • And, more.

PureVPN Has Been Tested & Assessed by AV-Test GmbH

In late 2018, the VPN service partnered with a well-known IT firm, which specializes in auditing online products and services. The German auditing firm, with its extensive team of industry experts, not only assessed the VPN service but also endorsed the optimal speed and performance claims made by it.

The auditing firm reported in its key findings that

  • The difference in the VPN and non-VPN internet speed, especially while streaming any service or channel, was insignificant. It means that the VPN holds true on its claim of top speeds. Moreover, the firm further attested that the US and EU servers offer the best latency.
  • The auditing firm didn’t find any issues with the streaming speeds. In fact, there were no apparent issues with 4K videos.
  • You can check out the complete auditing report on the official website.

It is recommended that you test it out yourself to experience the service quality of the VPN service. You can do it by either going for a longer premium plan or a 3-day trial.