How do I setup PureVPN on my Apple TV?

PureVPN for Apple tv

How do I setup PureVPN on Apple TV?

Setting up PureVPN on Apple TV is easy. You can either watch the whole setup tutorial on YouTube. Or you can just follow the steps given below to install PureVPN on Apple TV.

Method 1

  1. Get a PureVPN subscription
  2. Get a router if you don’t already have one
  3. Setup PureVPN on your router device by following these steps
  4. Connect Apple TV to your router

Method 2

  1. Get a PureVPN subscription
  2. Install the PureVPN app on your laptop
  3. Connect to a region of your choice
  4. Turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot
    This can easily be done by turning on the hotspot feature on your laptop
  5. Connect your Apple TV to the WiFi signals coming from your laptop

Method 3

  1. Get PureVPN subscription
  2. Install the PureVPN app on your laptop
  3. Connect to a region of your choice
  4. Connect your laptop with your Apple TV device using Ethernet

Question: Why would someone buy an Apple TV?

The answer; they’d buy it to stream content on their TV set.

Most people who buy an Apple TV device do so in order to access their favorite streaming channels on their TV set. Apple TV is a new generation TV box that allows people to use loads of features on their TV. With Apple TV, users can install apps that can then be used from the TV sets, essentially turning an ordinary TV into a smart device.

But while Apple TV offers so much to TV viewers, it suffers from the same problem that any other streaming device might suffer from: the lack of internet freedom.

That’s right. The streaming industry is full of obstacles and dead ends that restrict people from accessing and streaming their favorite content. Choose whichever channel you want, you’d see that they are not accessible outside one region or another.

For instance, if you choose to stream Amazon Prime, you’d notice that it can’t be accessed in most countries outside the US. The same can be said about Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and other popular streaming channels.

Even the channels that are accessible from around the world offer different libraries in different countries. Netflix, for instance, offers different libraries of movies and TV shows in every region where it is available.

In a world so full of dead ends, any streaming enthusiast would feel hopeless if he tries to access a channel not available in his region.

This is where a VPN comes in.

How a VPN helps you enjoy freedom on the web?

A VPN is an amazing tool that helps you access any content on the web. The trick is to change your IP location that can easily be done with a VPN.

VPNs usually have a network of servers that are spread all over the globe. Users can connect to these servers via the VPN client app. Upon doing so, the IP location of the user changes from their own region to that where the server is located. This helps them access any website on the internet.

Because most websites check for the IP address of a user before giving them access, changing your IP address to a whitelisted region ensures that you can access that website or channel from anywhere. Using this method, you can access Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Plus, or HBO Max from anywhere you want.

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Can this method be applied on an Apple TV?

Of course. Like any other smart device, Apple TV supports the usage of a VPN on its system. Provided that the VPN service supports Apple TV, you can easily install the app on that device and use it to access your favorite channels on the internet.

Best VPN for Apple TV?

There are multiple VPN services that can be found on the internet. Not all of them are compatible with your streaming needs. Some don’t even work on an Apple TV device. For this purpose, you need a VPN service that is very advanced and proactive at dealing with the needs of the consumer.

In our opinion, no VPN service can beat PureVPN at providing the best service to Apple TV users. PureVPN is known for offering the best online privacy and internet freedom services for twelve years.

The service offers access to a large network footprint with over 6500+ servers spread in 140 countries. These servers are equipped with all the best features that allow VPN surfers to enjoy fastest streaming speeds from anywhere. PureVPN servers are kept optimized at all times by industry professionals so that users do not have to suffer from any kind of buffering issues.

Moreover, PureVPN has got apps on all platforms. You can download and install PureVPN on almost any platform, including on Apple TV. But how can you setup PureVPN on Apple TV? Is it difficult? Can it be done by any lame-end user? Yes, installing PureVPN app on Apple TV is easier than you think it is.


As mentioned above, using PureVPN on Apple TV is very easy. You just have to follow any of the methods mentioned above and you shall be able to stream any channel of your choice with ease on Apple TV.

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