The Reality behind PureVPN Issues (IP Leak & Connectivity)

PureVPN IP Leak and Not Connecting Issue

Are you troubled with constant IP leak issues? Do you fear that the IP leak issue would expose your identity and put your privacy at risk? If so, you should keep yourself away from low-standard VPN services and opt for a reliable VPN provider.

Yes, reliability is the most important part of the equation, especially, when using tools that cater to your online privacy and security needs. After all, we need in an age where bureaucracy is at its peak, and the government is hell-bent on keeping tabs on its every resident, their daily life, behavior, lifestyle and, most importantly, who they talk to or what they explore online.

In fact, a great number of countries are heavily involved in mass surveillance and data monitoring and retention practices such as the US, UK, and Canada, to name a few.

To fight it off and reclaim the privacy or security, users opt for a VPN service. However, it is because of the growing demand of the service; you would see that VPNs now come by the dozen.

As more and more VPNs keep popping up now and then, mostly low-tier services, users end up joining unreliable players in the industry.

What’s the Truth behind PureVPN Issues (IP Leak and No Connecting Issue)?

PureVPN is a reliable and prominent player in the VPN sector, operating in the industry for the last ten years. Over such long period of time, the VPN service has garnered not only positive reviews and a good reputation in the industry, but it has also been able to amass over 3 million users from across the six continents.

Regardless, you can’t relate the IP leak issue with PureVPN because the VPN service comes with powerful IPv6 leak protection. Not only does it guarantee to protect any unsuspecting IP leaks but also it offers DNS leak protection as well. As a result, you are covered from every angle and assured absolute privacy.

IP leak is an issue with mostly sub-standard or free VPN services. Since they don’t have adequate technology behind their service, they fail to protect their users from unexpected IP or even DNS leaks.

Needless to say, it is best to avoid such services and stop putting your privacy at risk in exchange for a free or cheap service.

As far as the “not connecting” issue is concerned, the official support center has complete guides on it. Users can check out the guide and see why they might be facing the connectivity issues and how they can resolve it without breaking a sweat.

For instance, the user might be using an account which is expired and needs to be renewed before the user can use it without any inconveniences. Similarly, lack of protocol support or protocol blocking from the ISP’s side is yet another issue behind the “not connecting” problem. To solve the connectivity issue, users can try the different protocols and see which protocol is unblocked on the network.