Why Should You Get PureVPN for Netflix?

Over a decade ago, the movie industry was ruled by Blockbuster and its likes. It was a world where you only had two options to watch a movie. You could either visit the theatre, or you could rent out a Cassette or DVD from a local store.

The latter was a highly inconvenient way to watch your favorite movie. For instance, if you wanted to watch Die Hard, for example, you would have to visit the local store to see if it was available. It was common to find your preferred movie unavailable at the DVD store. And even if it was, there was a whole new level of torture waiting for you at the other end.

For instance, once you’d rented out a DVD, there was a set of rules you had to abide by. You’d have to make sure that the quality of the DVD isn’t affected. And there was always a due date by which time you’d have to return the movie, or you’d get fined. It was common for people to forget the due date and pay dozens of dollars in fine to the DVD store.

The entire scenario changed when Netflix came up with an innovative way to watch movies and TV shows at home. Following up on a model that is usually employed by gyms, Netflix changed the entire structure of renting out movies. Instead, it offered a platform that allowed people to rent out as many movies as many times as they want and just pay a subscription fee at the end of the month. Netflix even delivered these DVDs directly to the homes of their customers.

Over time, Netflix brought even more innovation to this field when it launched an online streaming service that was never seen before. Instead of renting out DVDs, customers now had the option to just stream it online on their smart devices. The streaming customers had the entire Netflix streaming library at their disposal. All they had to do in return was to pay a fixed monthly fee to Netflix at the end of the month and that’s it. This was an end to all the hassle of getting movies on rent and having to worry about paying any penalty fee on late returns.

This method of watching movies soon became a hit, and Netflix soon became a popular service in the US. In fact, its popularity rapidly grew outside the US, where people wanted to stream the content from their locations as well. The problem was, Netflix’s geo-licenses didn’t allow the service to be accessible from outside the US.

All those who lived abroad missed out on all the fantastic content for many years, until Netflix decided to change things. Around 3 years ago, Netflix took the big step of making its service accessible all over the world. This meant that people from all over the globe soon got access to the service at their homes with ease.

One problem remained, though. And that was a difference in the libraries available in other countries. If you’re confused as to why there are different libraries available in different countries and why does the USA get to have the biggest Netflix library, then allow me to remove your confusion. The issue here is because of geo-licensing. But what is geo-licensing and why is it a problem? Learn more below.

What is Geo-licensing?

When a streaming channel purchases the rights to stream a particular content to their customers, they often go for a geo-license. This is the most used method for licensing movies and TV shows as it allows the streaming channels to purchase a license for certain regions only. Not only does this come cheap, but it also helps the streaming service focus on the audience of some regions only.

There is one problem with this method, though, and that usually affects the customers rather than the streaming company. If a content is geo-licensed, it is only available in certain regions only. Those who live outside these regions cannot access this content from their location. This is precisely why Netflix offers different libraries to different countries.

Does PureVPN Work With Netflix?

Did you know that the American version of Netflix holds the biggest library than any other country? There are over 5,000 pieces of content available in the US. These include some of the best movies and TV shows on offer by Netflix (The Kill Bill series, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and more!)

However, this fantastic library is only available in the US as of now. But you still want to access it, right? What if I tell you that there is a way for you to access and stream Netflix US from your region with ease? Yes, you got that right. You can bypass the restrictions and access the American library from anywhere with a simple tool called PureVPN.

While there exist hundreds of VPN and proxy services on the market, most of these fail to offer access to American Netflix. This is because Netflix is smart, and it can detect when you’re using a VPN or proxy to access the service. Thankfully, you face no such issues when streaming Netflix with PureVPN.

As per my own review, PureVPN gives you access to multiple important regions of Netflix. These include the US version, the British version, and also the Australian version of Netflix.

Using PureVPN for Netflix is easier than you think. All you need to do is to subscribe to the service, download and install the PureVPN app, connect to the American server, and start streaming. It is that easy!

Why Choose PureVPN?

PureVPN is my favorite VPN service. The reasons for my favoritism are many. The service is pocket-friendly and much more affordable than many other VPN services on the market.

It also offers multiple features that are of good use for anybody. The service has got over 6500+ servers in 140 countries. That means complete internet freedom. But the best part is that a big chunk of these servers are so good, they allow you to bypass restrictions on Netflix with ease.

Moreover, PureVPN’s servers are kept optimized at all times. This helps you get the best speeds while you’re streaming on the web.

And if that’s not enough, then you’d be happier to learn that PureVPN also offers multiple privacy and security features. It ensures that your connection with the internet is encrypted at all times. It safeguards your online traffic and keeps you anonymous on the web.

So now that you know how amazing PureVPN is, we recommend that you go for it immediately and enjoy complete internet freedom.

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