Here’s What Torrent Users Say About PureVPN on Reddit

 “PureVPN and split tunnel. Works a treat.”

 “I’ve been using PureVPN for a month at least now, and streaming is remarkable and torrenting is a good as the seeds available, and ur [sic] internet speeds.”

Users on reddit have nothing but good words to say when it comes to torrent support using PureVPN. That’s because PureVPN is amongst the rare few gems on the Internet that supports torrent and similar p2p (peer to peer) activities.

Therefore, internet users always consider PureVPN as their primary choice for torrent downloading and file sharing. But do you really need a VPN for torrents, and why only PureVPN?

Top Reasons You Need a Virtual Private Network

People prefer torrents over direct-download links because you can find just about anything on a torrent. Unlike torrents, direct-download links usually lack content and can be spammy or malicious.

Secondly and more importantly, users download torrents because the client allows them to download files in small bits from multiple users. This way, they always get complete download files even if the file is paused for prolonged hours or the connection unexpectedly drops while downloading.

However, a torrent is like a double-edged sword. While torrents may allow you to download files from virtually anywhere, it also exposes your public IP to thousands of users downloading (leeching) or sharing (seeding) the same torrent file.

An exposed public IP can turn into a serious threat to your online privacy. After all, you never know if other seeders (users who are sharing the torrent) are genuine torrent users or just hackers in disguise. Not only can hackers see your IP, but they can also exploit your personal data through various means.

Hackers are not the only threat to your privacy, and thus, your personal data. ISPs and government-backed cyber-law enforcers can also track your location and hand over you a hefty fine if you are found to be downloading any copyrighted material.

Since your public IP is the primary component that can lead to not only privacy breach but also data exploits and even hefty fines, you can hide your public IP with a VPN and make all those problems go away for good.

A VPN can have multiple servers across the globe. By connecting to these virtual locations, you can replace your IP with the VPN IP addresses from any of the countries the VPN offers. For instance, you can replace your US IP address with a German IP address by connecting to a VPN’s servers in Germany.

By masking your IP address, you can cripple your internet service provider from tracking what you do online. In fact, your ISP may not be able to see your browsing history as well.

Secondly, a VPN also protects your personal data by encrypting it with military-grade encryption technology. When you launch a VPN and connect to any server, the tool creates an encrypted connection so that all the data is transmitted through a protected tunnel, preventing hackers from stealing your data.

Top Qualities of a Torrent-Friendly VPN

As mentioned earlier, VPN services don’t usually support torrent downloading and any other form of file sharing activities. But there are exceptions.

So, how do I find services that offer torrent support? Look out for these top qualities:

 · Torrent-friendly VPNs clearly mention on their websites that they support torrent and p2p file sharing. But bear in mind that other VPN providers may actually support torrents as well without the disclosure.

· A good VPN service provider should offer p2p-optimized servers. Torrents drain the bandwidth fast and end up slowing down download speeds. But if the VPN servers are specifically optimized for this activity, you get a stable connection and download speed. Therefore, it is a must for the VPN provider to have p2p-optimized servers.

· The VPN provider should offer multiple p2p-optimized servers. By having multiple servers, you can have the ease of switching to a server that has less load.

· Unlimited bandwidth is a must for you because you wouldn’t want to worry about running out of bandwidth when you are downloading your favorite flick.

· Since you are going to use a VPN for downloading torrents anonymously, it is important that the VPN service should have a zero-log policy. It means they should not keep any records of your IP or any activities you do use the VPN.

· To protect your privacy at all times, the VPN provider should also have top privacy features enabled by default, such as a kill switch, IP leak protection, and encryption.

Here’s Why PureVPN is a Best Torrent-Friendly VPN

PureVPN ticks all the above boxes, which is why even reddit users recommend PureVPN for torrents. Take, for instance:

 · PureVPN offers support for torrents as well as other file sharing activities. You can use PureVPN to download files over web services like Megaupload, UploadBox, and more. Similarly, you can use PureVPN for BitTorrent, μTorrent, and similar p2p clients.

· PureVPN offers p2p-optimized servers so that you can get maximum speeds and a stable connection when downloading files via torrent clients.

· PureVPN has 6500+ VPN servers across the globe, so you can always switch servers for better speeds and performance.

· PureVPN doesn’t cap the VPN usage bandwidth limit. You can browse, stream, or download for as long as you want.

· PureVPN is a certified No-Log VPN provider. PureVPN was audited by a leading security auditor: Altius IT. Altius IT has endorsed PureVPN no-log policy, verifying that PureVPN doesn’t store users’ logs, browsing history, or any personally identifiable information.

· PureVPN offers three types of privacy protection layers: IP leak protection, DNS leak protection, and WebRTC leak protection. Plus, it also offers an internet kill switch. All these features assure you that your privacy is never compromised under any circumstances.

Overall, PureVPN’s torrent-friendly service is indeed what a torrent savvy user would want, and PureVPN delivers to every torrent user just perfectly.

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