PureVPN User Reviews 2017

(Last Update: January 2017) Hong Kong based PureVPN is a world-class VPN service known for offering an all-in-one package powered by one of the largest VPN server networks, at highly affordable prices. PureVPN offers custom VPN software for all leading devices and operating systems, backed with a strong customer support system.

Perhaps the best way to judge a VPN service is to start by looking at user reviews. It is very hard to find a user’s PureVPN review that has not been addressed by the PureVPN support team.


An analysis of the collection of PureVPN reviews available online shows that the service is constantly improving.

Purevpn User Reviews 2016

PureVPN seems to be struggling with VPN server availability and quite a few PureVPN reviews are about disappearing servers. However, the support team always seems to be alert and involved.


Yet, some PureVPN reviews showed that the service can prove to be rather unaccommodating sometimes; regardless of the cooperation of the PureVPN support team.


The PureVPN app is clearly in need of development, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping users from using the service.

The support team is able to deal with the PureVPN reviews complaining about speed and connectivity issues thanks to the extensive variety and availability of protocols.

Pure VPN subscribers have approached us couple of time for help and support issues. At Purevpnreview.com, we do our best to help readers sort out their technical, service and other issues immediately.

"Why do I keep getting popup messages saying that I am not connected to VPN?  I have a VPN router and also loaded Pure VPN on my PC.  I have tried changing protocols annd am now on AUTO.  I have also tried changing servers.  What is going on?  This has happened regularly since installing PureVPN."

We were not sure if customer was connected through dd-wrt router or not? So we simply replied to him:

Are you connected through DD-WRT routers?

He replied back:

"I am running Windows 10 on my PC and the router is an ASUS RT-N66R with the latest firmware. I keep getting messages that I am not connected to VPN.  After I turn off my PC and back on again it shows the process of getting connected to PureVPN but the “You are not connected … “ Messages start up again.  I am configured for AUTO. 

And the conversation go on:

Please follow pure routers manual guide or contact pure live chat support.

He was still skeptical about the issue:

"Thanks for the reply and instructions. The PureVPN app is loaded on my PC. I have configured my router for two different cities, Seattle and Chicago and get the same result with both.  I select Chicago, the router shows that the router is connected but I keep getting messages on my PC that I am not connected to VPN. If I go into the PureVPN app I see that it is set for AUTO and it asks me to select a location.  If I scroll down and select UNITED STATES it will make a connection to the Chicago server and show that I am connected to PureVPN on the little green status dot. Do I have to do this every time I log into my PC when I am connected through my home router? Is my PC actually going through PureVPN because the router says it is connected to the Chicago server in spite of the warning message I get on my PC saying it isn’t connected to VPN? Do I have to select a server every time I log into the internet at my local Starbucks."

We spoke to purevpn support on behalf of our beloved reader and gave our final verdict on said issue:
Connecting through your router and the PureVPN app are two alternatives. This means that you should either use the manual router Config or use the app, using the two together doesn’t really work, because the app bypasses your router configuration. 
If you have configured the VPN on your router it should always be connected to the Chicago VPN server. The PC does not consider your router connection as a VPN connection in fact it is the default gateway your PC & all connected devices are using to connect to the internet. You should consider checking your IP address and location using:
1. IPLocation dot net and
2. Whatismyipaddress dot com
This will show you your IP address and location while connected through the router, MAKE SURE THE PUREVPN APP IS NOT RUNNING & DISCONNECTED. If the two IP leak tests show your IP in your original location then you have a configuration issue and you should definitely get in touch with PureVPN live support and request immediate 2nd tier advanced support for your DDWRT router issue. For your second question, it is every VPN provider’s requirement that when you change your broadband or WI-FI network you will be required to select a location on the app every time, it’s not really a PureVPN issue but a pre-requisite for every VPN provider.

PureVPN Plans & Pricing Review

The three pricing plans PureVPN offers are essentially three different sizes of the same all-in-one package. The PureVPN package provides a complete set of over 20 features, no matter which pricing plan you choose.

Thanks to the PureVPN universal package, you won't have to scratch your head and worry about features that you will be missing out if you go for the smaller plans. Simply think about your internet needs and pick the pricing plan that suits you best.

In addition to the standard pricing plans, PureVPN also offers mobile-only pricing-plans separately. The mobile-only pricing plans will be discussed separately in this latest PureVPN Review 2017.

1 Month plan

The 1 month plan is recommended for people who love sports and have a seasonal interest in using VPN. The 1 month plan is available for $9.95, and is free of all restrictions and limitations.

It is ideal for first time PureVPN users because it gives you a thorough chance to try out the service along with the full range of services and additional features. Also, PureVPN has exceptional customer support (more details on this below) to help first time users optimize their VPN experience. Much cheaper than expressvpn, Read expressvpn review

6 Month plan

This PureVPN plan is ideal for people who love to spend their free time streaming TV shows and movies. The 6 month plan is a lot like the aforementioned 1 month plan, but comes at a much lesser cost of $7.99 per month. As a result, the 6 month plan only costs $47.94, giving users a 37% discount over the 1 month plan.

12 Month plan + 12 Month Free

PureVPN's most popular pricing plan is the 12 month plan that gives users discounted access(1 year free with every 1 year account) to the full range of features and functions. The plan is available for a total price of $59.76, coming to a reduced monthly cost of $2.49. This makes the PureVPN 12 month plan one of the cheapest VPN offers available online.

The 12 month PureVPN pricing plan is preferred by people who are in the habit of streaming from websites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and BBC iPlayer. It is also a favorite amongst users who frequently use open WiFi networks to browse the net and want to ensure that they are never vulnerable to online surveillance or hack attacks at any time.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Pricing Plans for Android

PureVPN has custom pricing plans for Android users, designed particularly to give users the convenience they are accustomed to.

  • Monthly: 4.99$
  • Yearly: 39.99$

Android users can subscribe to these plans by downloading the PureVPN Android app from GooglePlay and then subscribing to the service from within the app.

Pricing Plans for iPad and iPhone


PureVPN offers four pricing plans for iPad and iPhone users.

  • 1 month: $4.99
  • 3 month: $39.99
  • 6 month: $14.99
  • 12 month: $29.99

iPad and iPhone users can subscribe to these mobile-only pricing plans by downloading the PureVPN app for iOS through the iTunes store and using the in-app subscription feature.

PureVPN Speed Tests Review

Before handing out a clean sheet to PureVPN, we ran a few speed tests just to see if it provides speedy internet connections or not. We conducted a speed test before and after connecting PureVPN to note the differences between ping drops and download and upload speeds.

purevpn download speed test

We were getting a ping of 14ms and a whopping download speed of 10.92 Mbps and an upload speed of 1.32 Mbps before we connected through PureVPN. We decided to test its OpenVPN protocol, since it is considered as the safest and one of the slowest to see how it will impact PureVPN’s performance.

After connecting PureVPN, we got a ping of 1ms which came as a pleasant surprise to us. There was a marginal speed drop and we received 6.88 Mbps of download speed. The upload speed, however, was much better than the original and we received a speed of 1.38 Mbps.

Purevpn speed test review

PureVPN Windows Setup Review

What separates PureVPN from other VPN service providers is its seemingly endless device compatibility. To make sure the user does not have to spend long hours on configuring the VPN service on his device, PureVPN makes an extra effort and offers it custom VPN client for almost every platform and operating software.

In this step-by-step installation guide, you will be told about how to set PureVPN up on your device easily.

  • Having already subscribed with PureVPN’s services, you will need to visit its website from where you will find the link to download its VPN client. Click on Download and you will be taken to a different screen.

                                             Purevpn windows desktop app review

  • You will be redirected to a different webpage where you will be given with different device and operating software options. Click on the “Windows” icon.

                                           windows setup

  • Click on “Download Now” right next to the image of PureVPN client.


  • Having already clicked on “Download Now”, you will now be required to save the file. Click on it to download it on your Windows device.


  • Now click on “Run” followed by a click on “Yes” to allow the system to install PureVPN.


  • Keep clicking on “Next” until it prompts you with a “Finish” tab. Do not forget to select the “Rest of the World” while installing PureVPN from any other region than China.

  • PureVPN will automatically start following the installation and you will be presented with a guide educating you about using its VPN Client. You can skip the guide as well or you canclick on “Get Started” to learn more in detail.


  • Should you choose to skip the guide, you will enter the PureVPN Dashboard where you will find all the necessary fields that will be needed to be filled in by you to run PureVPN.To enter your username and password, you will have to check your email’s Inbox or Junk/Spam folder where your credentials along with the password will be sent to you. Copy them from there and paste them here. Do not forget to check “Remember Me” in case you do not want to enter the username and password again and again.


  • You can now select the Purpose of using the VPN service and the protocol you want your data traffic to go through. Although it is recommended by PureVPN to let it decide the protocol for you as it connects you with one that provides optimum server load and connection speed. Once you have done all that; click on Quick Connect and enjoy!


Your setup, installation and configuration will hardly take a few minutes. Configure your VPN service like you want to and enjoy using PureVPN on your Windows laptops and personal computers.

PureVPN Mac Setup Review

The PureVPN Mac client is a neat little dashboard that gives you control over server selection, software settings, and billing choices. PureVPN offers different versions of its Mac app for users running different versions of Mac OSX.

The Mac client is easy to install and is frequently preferred by Mac users who don't want to go through the hassle of manually setting up their PureVPN connections.

  • Open up PureVPN’s website and click on “Download”.
  • With a relatively new screen on your Window, click on Mac’s icon.

                   purevpn mac setup review

  • Now click on the OSX version you want to install on your Mac.


  • Now hover your mouse over to the download section and double click on PureVPN’s downloaded file.


  • In the next stage you will have to drag and drop the PureVPN file into the Applications file.


  • You will now need to run PureVPN. But in order to do that, you will have to go to the “Applications” folder. Click on “Open” and it will open your Mac’s VPN Client for you.


  • Now enter your username and password – assigned to you by PureVPN. Select the protocol and server country by clicking on the drop-down option. Click on “Remember Me” if you want PureVPN to save your credentials.


  • End the proceedings with clicking on “Connect”, it will ask you to enter your Mac username and password to allow the changes. Enter them and enjoy PureVPN’s connectivity on your Mac.



PureVPN Android Setup Review

The PureVPN app for Android is a smart little VPN app that guarantees effective internet protection for smartphone users. Android users can download the app from the GooglePlay store to try it out using the free monthly data quota of 2GB. This is the largest free data limit offered by a premium VPN for Android device users.

  • Search PureVPN on the search tab of Google Play and tap on it when it shows up in the searched results.

                                                   purevpn android setup review

  • Having tapped on it, it will take you to a different screen prompting you to install the app on your Android smartphone or tab.


  • Tap on “Install” and “Accept” the terms and conditions.


  • Wait for your download to be completed, once it is finished, Google Play will prompt you to open the app. Tap on “Open”.


  • Your PureVPN app will ask you if you are already a subscriber or you are a new user. Select the first option if you are a registered user of PureVPN.


  • Check your email address for the username and password, enter them here and tap on save.


  • You have now entered the PureVPN Android App, tap on Menu and select “Server”.


  • Tapping on “Server” would result in a list of VPN servers showing up on your screen. Select any of them, and also do not forget to select the protocol you want to choose.


  • You can also filter your servers by the purpose you want to use the VPN for. Click on “Filter by purpose” and see if you can find your desired result.


  • You will now be brought back to the screen where your VPN server and your location will be displayed. Tap on “Connect” and wait for PureVPN android app to establish a successful connection.


  • PureVPN is now connected on your Android smartphone and tab. Enjoy endless streaming and unblocking.


PureVPN iOS Setup Review

  • If you are looking to secure your iPad or iPhone with PureVPN, you will need to search “PureVPN” on the App Store. Tap on it once it shows up in the searched results and install it on your device.

                                                      purevpn ios setup review

  • Much like the Android app, the iOS app too will ask you if you are a registered user or not. 


  • Now please enter the email address and password you used for registering with PureVPN for iOS and tap on “Login”.


  • Now tap on the server bracket.


  • A flurry of servers will show up. Now select the server you wish to connect your iPad or iPhone to.


  • Now tap on the Auto Protocol option to let PureVPN decide which protocol would suit your need the most. Now tap on “Edit” and copy paste the credentials you have received in the email after you subscribed with PureVPN.


  • Double check the details you have entered and tap on “Save”.


  • After having saved the details, now it’s time to connect your VPN. Tap on “Connect” and enjoy PureVPN on your iPhone/iPad.



Discounts, Promotions and Coupons

PureVPN frequently launches discounts promotions to make sure that internet users never run out of reasons to opt for the service. Sometimes the service offers an additional 12 month VPN service free for every 12 month subscription. Other times you can take advantage of the holiday discounts that are part of the seasonal celebrations.

You can always head over to the PureVPN website and contact the customer support through LiveChat to find out about PureVPN's running offers and promotions.

PureVPN Global Server Reviews

Purevpn servers review

PureVPN has over 450 VPN servers located across the 6 continents. The VPN server network is spread out across more than a 101+ countries around the world, giving PureVPN users the power to transform their virtual identities by cloaking behind more than 80,000 IP addresses.

The PureVPN servers are located in all major countries that are frequently preferred by VPN users. These locations include cities in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Germany, Russia, China and dozens more.

PureVPN Encryption Protocol Support

Almost all of these servers support PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN (TCP & UDP) protocols. This extensive array of protocols helps users pick the encryption level of their choice - depending upon the sensitivity and nature of their online activities.

PureVPN protects user data by implementing 256-bit military grade encryption on all traffic that passes over the PureVPN Virtual Private Network. At the same time, the IP cloaking with shared addresses makes it impossible to trace an individual user. The custom PureVPN applications come fitted with selection menus to help users select the encryption protocol of their choice before connecting.

PureVPN Unique Features and Functions

PureVPN does not place any data or bandwidth limits on users. You can upload/download as much data as you want because the massive PureVPN server network architecture is fully equipped to handle users from around the world.

Internet Kill Switch

Custom PureVPN clients and software come with Internet Kill Switch, to function as a protective shield in the event of an unexpected drop in the connection between the user's system and the PureVPN server. The PureVPN Internet Kill Switch will pause all incoming and outgoing traffic in order to prevent any unencrypted and untunneled data transmissions. The Internet Kill Switch will deactivate and data transmission will resume as soon as the VPN connection is re-established.

The Internet Kill Switch function can be activate and deactivated manually, and comes as a standard part of the PureVPN software for all major operating systems.

Split Tunneling

The Split Tunneling feature is unique to PureVPN, and is highly recommended for internet users who want to dedicate their bandwidth to specific internet activities. The Split Tunneling feature allows users to select the applications for which data is to be encrypted and tunneled. Activating Split Tunneling and adding applications to the list within the Pure VPN software will make sure that internet traffic sent and received by all other applications is excluded from the encrypted tunnel.

The feature is usually preferred by people who do not want to put pressure on their VPN tunnel.

(A detailed crash course on PureVPN's Split Tunneling feature is available in this PureVPN Review )

Server Status Guide & Alternate Servers

The official PureVPN website hosts a page where you can always check the server variety and the activity status of your preferred VPN server. Contact the customer support to get alternate server addresses if you find a server inaccessible or run into problems connecting to a server.


Most VPN services allow customers to use a single account on two devices at the same time. Pure VPN, on the other hand, comes with a multi-login limit of 5 simultaneous logins – on all Pure VPN pricing plans. This means that every user, is able to utilize one PureVPN account on up to five devices at the same time.

Users frequently implement the PureVPN multi-login feature as a tool to cut costs and share subscription charges.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

PureVPN Software for Different Operating Systems

PureVPN is highly compatible with a variety of devices and operating systems. The official PureVPN website has guides and tutorials on all of the supported platforms.

Pure VPN offers custom software for most platforms, while manual setup tutorials are available for the rest.

PureVPN for Linux

PureVPN is compatible with Linux based operating systems. While there is no custom client available for Linux users, the setup guide available on the PureVPN website provides detailed instructions to configure PureVPN on Linux.

The PureVPN Linux setup guide contains a one-minute tutorial that is trusted by Linux users around the world for providing a convenient 7 step formula to setup VPN on Linux instantly.

PureVPN Customer Support 

Most PureVPN reviews will not give the service’s customer support the credit that is due. The fact of the matter is that PureVPN is an industry leader in the area of customer support.

In addition to the standard support features of email, support ticket, FAQ and Knowledge Base, PureVPN has a Live Chat feature that is active and available through the official PureVPN website around the clock. This PureVPN review gives the service full marks for a support department that is truly agile and committed to providing quality customer care and technical support.

Many PureVPN reviews will also forget to mention that PureVPN provides Remote assistance to users through the Team Viewer platform. This allows the support staff to take manual control of the user’s system in order to configure, trouble shoot and/or setup the VPN service.

Authors Recommendation (5 out of 5)

This PureVPN review gives the service five out of five stars for a well-organized infrastructure that is developed to function for (and focus on) the user.

Much like the global server spread, the PureVPN user base is always expanding thanks to the unique features that only PureVPN offers. However, the service is not entirely free of bugs and errors, and users having a streak of bad luck might run into a trail of issues that will require direct customer support to resolve.

On any other day, Pure VPN is a reliable and effective service that is priced reasonably and loaded with all the functions and features that a VPN user can ask for from a service that promises to provide online freedom.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

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