PureVPN Review 2018

(Last Update: June 2018)

PureVPN is a leading VPN service which commenced its operations in 2007. Since then, PureVPN has gained a solid reputation as a secure VPN service. PureVPN offers just about everything you look for in a VPN service.

For starters, PureVPN boasts a global VPN network of 2000+ servers strategically placed in 141+ countries. PureVPN claims to provide ultimate online privacy without compromising on its user’s internet speeds.

Apart from anonymizing your digital existence, PureVPN secures your online data with its top-of-the-line military grade AES 256-bit encryption.

Since the VPN service is headquartered in Hong Kong, users don’t have to worry about metadata retention or other laws that affect their online privacy.

Furthermore, a strict no-log policy further ensures that your activity on the internet always remains private.

Our PureVPN review discloses that the VPN service is the invention of GZ Systems. The online privacy product was launched back in 2006 and has since been a pioneer in the VPN industry for all the right reasons.

Since its foundation, the VPN provider has broadened its fundamental objectives by integrating anti-virus, anti-malware and other privacy-centric features. Due to this, PureVPN has greatly surpassed the other VPN services in all spheres, be it connectivity, speed, online security, etc.

As PureVPN (the leading virtual private network) is operating in the industry since 2007, it has gained a strong position in the VPN industry. In addition, PureVPN is based in Hong Kong where the internet laws are much relaxed. This means that governments from around the world cannot ask PureVPN for any data and ever since its inception, PureVPN has matured into a feature-rich VPN service.

PureVPN offers a global VPN network of 2000+ servers based in 140+ locations. PureVPN’s servers are strategically placed around the globe to offer instant connectivity and smooth internet connection to users traveling or based around the globe.

PureVPN users can select from a range of servers and 300,000+ IP pool and connect instantly. All you need is an active internet connection and a paid PureVPN account. Connect to nearly any location on earth through PureVPN’s server and enjoy the best unblocking and streaming experience through servers optimized for streaming and unblocking.

You can watch Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sting TV, CBS News and so much more. PureVPN’s digital footmark ranges across multiple countries with strategically placed servers. Countries include the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, China, among numerous other countries.

When choosing a VPN, it’s important to note the number of servers that are being provided as the more the servers, the more convenience you’ll have in connecting to the global network which will allow you to evade geo-restrictions, unblock websites, stream the content of your choice, encryption and so much more.

Based on the in-depth analysis during our PureVPN review we learnt that PureVPN’s global server network is best for users who are wanting to escape severe censorship laws in countries where surveillance and monitoring is at its peak.

Moreover, from side to side in our PureVPN review, we unraveled that PureVPN has tactically positioned its servers in all the right locations. Their digital presence covers high censorship countries like China where they've placed three self-optimized servers, so you can get instant access to your preferred websites even if China stops access to the internet.

During our PureVPN review, we found out that while PureVPN boasts servers across dozens of countries, the heart of their server base can be found in the US and the UK.

While working on the PureVPN review we further explored that the top VPN service has extended its server locations in other countries as well. PureVPN can be used in all continents and is continually working on increasing its server base and locations.

True to its core, PureVPN offers loads of features such as Internet kill switch, dedicated IP, split tunneling, and a port forwarding option to cater user’s needs. After our testing, we were impressed with its device compatibility and its improved user interface.

Fast and Smooth

According to our PureVPN review, the service has gradually improved its performance in terms of downloading speed on Windows. The same goes for other platforms like iOS since the provider offers appreciable speeds on this operating systems.

However, the downloading speeds vary when it comes to using the service on Android platform. Still, PureVPN has an appealing list of features that make the service an interesting choice for privacy seeking users.

Is PureVPN Secure Enough?

Recently, PureVPN has launced another privacy feature by the name of Ozone as mentioned in VPNRanks PureVPN review. This security add-on helps you to protect your data and identity on your different devices. In addition, the users cannot overlook the significance of efficient customer support feature that is available 24/7 365 days a year. Fortunately, the subscribers can opt OpenVPN protocol that is the best in the business.

The OpenVPN protocol allows you to protect your whole internet traffic from ISPs and online hackers. Interestingly, the said tunneling protocol applies the required 256-bit military grade encryption by default. Therefore, there is no denying PureVPN is a good choice as the service has all the right reasons to protect users’ privacy.


PureVPN Review – Pros & Cons of the VPN Service

During the PureVPN review, we found that PureVPN comes packed with plenty of features, including:

Pros Cons

User Interface

  • The VPN client has a very easy and simple user interface that makes it possible for even the non-techy users to use it without any difficulty. Many users who review PureVPN like it for its simplicity.


  • The pricing plan is only available in 3 options. If a user opts for monthly package, per month price is considerably high.


  • Multiple speed tests and reviews of PureVPN have confirmed that after PureVPN is connected, the download speed and upload speed is only slightly impacted, unlike other VPN providers, which cause a significant negative impact.


  • Some of the add-ons which add significantly to the collective security and privacy of the user are not free. However, despite the fact that the not-free add-ons is a turn off, PureVPN reviews suggest that these add-ons are worth the investment.


  • The VPN provides exceptional functionality when it comes to sending and receiving sensitive files and documents over the internet. All outgoing traffic is encrypted, which makes it impossible for any intruder to steal the information.

IPv6 Leak

  • When a VPN is connected, there are chances that the real IPv6 address can get leaked, which can expose the real identity of the user. However, according to some users who reviewed PureVPN, this issue is easily fixable.

No Logs

  • PureVPN has a strict no logs policy. It does not log its user’s activity, or any of their web traffic. This guarantees that users will remain safe from all hackers, scammers, advertisers and even monitoring authorities who follow people’s digital trails online.

Payment Options

  • All popular online payment methods, such as PayPal, Cashu, and Bitcoin are accepted. All credit cards and master cards are also accepted.

Server locations

  • PureVPN has an extensive network of over 2000 servers placed across 180 different locations in 140 countries.


PureVPN Review – Does PureVPN Keep Logs?

While there’s no doubt that with PureVPN you’ll get a lot of VPN for your hard-earned money, let’s get to know about its log policy first.

As PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, it’s an ideal location for a VPN company as in Hong Kong, VPN companies are not required to keep any logs and are securely outside the reach of surveillance agencies like the NSA and others.

If you look at it, Edward Snowden fled to Hong Kong when his whistleblowing documents first went public. He could’ve been in any other country but he choose Hong Kong due to its comfortable laws that aren’t strict towards internet companies.

PureVPN does not keep any usage logs nor any other logs which could hint users’ online activities. By design, the VPN service is built to NOT keep any logs whatsoever. Like every other VPN on the market, it does not log which websites you visit or what you do on the internet.

PureVPN claims that:

“We Do Not monitor user activity nor do we keep any logs. We therefore have no record of your activities such as which software you used, which websites you visited, what content you downloaded, which apps you used, etc. after you connected to any of our servers.”

Additionally, PureVPN claims that their users are completely invisible when they’re connected to the VPN service. PureVPN – “Even We Cannot See What You Do Online

PureVPN does not keep any record of your online browsing activities, your online connection logs, any records of the VPN IPs assigned to you upon connection, your real IPs which know your real location, your session time, the history of your browsing, the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, the content or data you accessed, or the DNS queries generated by you. (This is the official statement on PureVPN’s website).

We want you to have the surety of knowing that we collect minimal data, the sole purpose of which is to operate our VPN service and keep it running smoothly. Our systems, processes, and servers are designed to not keep any sensitive/personally identifiable data. This is done by design to ensure that we have NO data to share, even when required by law to do so.

PureVPN Review – PureVPN’s Refund Policy

PureVPN’s offers a refund policy like many other VPN services. According to their website, PureVPN offers a flexible, stress-free, 31-day refund policy.

If you aren’t satisfied with PureVPN’s service for any reason whatsoever, then you can claim a refund within 31 days of your order date.

Remember, we will first try to resolve your issue successfully before processing the refund request.

Note: For Auto-Recurring Customers:

The Auto-recurring option appears before you order a PureVPN subscription. This option allows you to choose between manual or automatic recurring subscriptions.

If you have selected 'auto recurring' by mistake when ordering the service, you can have it changed or cancelled anytime by contacting the customer services at help@purevpn.com during your contract period.

Trial Account Refund Policy:

Please note that PureVPN 3-day trial account is not subject to any refund under any circumstances.

How to File a Refund?

To file a refund please send an email to help@purevpn.com stating your VPN username and the reason for filing a refund.

How Soon Can I Expect the Refund to Complete?

PureVPN offer a totally transparent process when it comes to refund policy. PureVPN is committed to process refunds within 24 hours of a valid refund request. Payments may take up to 30 days to appear in your account depending on your bank, card or payment provider.

Non-Refundable Exclusion

Please note that this refund policy does not apply to accounts issued for special purposes, including fight plan or special accounts.

PureVPN supports a variety of payment methods to make it easy for you to get PureVPN. However, please note that some payment methods do not support the refund option. We have clearly marked such payment methods "non-refundable" during the checkout process and they are not covered by this policy.

This Refund Policy is subject to all PureVPN terms and conditions.

PureVPN Review – Pricing and Plans

PureVPN has an interesting subscription model, with plans being named after what its customers plan to use their VPN for. It is broken down into three categories: Premium Users, Streamers, and Downloaders. The prices of said plans depend on if you’re buying a monthly subscription.

The Downloaders plan is the cheapest of the bunch at $4 a month when purchased annually, or $8 a month when purchased monthly. Meanwhile, the Premium Users plan (which is effectively a combination of the Downloaders and Streamers plan) is the most expensive, at $7 a month when purchased annually or $13 a month when purchased monthly.

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Sadly, there is no PureVPN free account or trial that allows you test drive the service before committing. That said, it has a seven-day money back guarantee in place, so if you ultimately decide that PureVPN is not for you, you can request a hassle-free refund.

You can pay for your PureVPN plan using any one of its extensive range of payment options or enjoy this black friday vpn deals 2018. Given that it has one of the biggest selections I’ve seen during my time reviewing VPN providers, I’d be surprised if your payment method of choice is not available. PureVPN accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, Discover Card, Bitpay, CoinPayments, PaymentWall, Alipay, Cashu, and many, many others… Heck, it even accepts Walmart gift cards!

PureVPN Review – Features

From encryption to protocols to cutting-edge technology; the features offered by PureVPN protect you 24/7.

  • Easy To Use Apps

You get smart, super user-friendly apps, with everything just a click away.

  • 2000+ Servers in 140+ Countries

PureVPN has servers in 140+ countries to connect you to your favorite content.

  • Access All Servers

You get to access every server regardless of the package plan you choose.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Download, browse, or stream; you remain worry-free since there are no data limits.

  • Split Tunneling

You can choose which data to send through VPN and which to send through your ISP.

  • 24-hour live chat support

Day or night, rain or shine; PureVPN's friendly support representatives are always there LIVE.

  • Internet Freedom

Access website, stream freely, remain safe from hackers & keep your privacy intact!

  • P2P Enabled

You get a P2P-enabled service with dedicated and highly optimized servers for P2P.

  • Access Any Website

Say goodbye to restrictions forever. Get access to unrestricted internet with PureVPN.

  • Dedicated Streaming Servers

You will be delighted to know that PureVPN has optimized servers dedicated for streaming only.

  • P2P Protection

Get the most secure file-sharing and P2P experience with the Secure P2P feature.

  • Ultra-Fast Speed

All the servers in our network support 1Gbit connection speed for an ultra-fast connection.

  • Defeat ISP Throttling

You get unlimited server switching to anonymize you so your ISP is unable to throttle your internet speed.

  • 5 Multi-Logins per Household

PureVPN cares for its family of users. Every PureVPN account supports 5 multi-logins to make sure that your entire family remains protected.

  • Internet Security

Arm your devices with the best internet security possible to keep them protected against every threat.

  • 256 Bit Encryption

PureVPN employs top-of-the-line military-grade 256-bit encryption to protect your data.

  • Ozone

This unique security add-on offers proactive protection of your, device, data and identity 24/7.

  • NAT Firewall

PureVPN’s NAT Firewall add-on provides an added layer of security to stop hackers from exploiting loopholes.

  • Internet Kill Switch

PureVPN’s Internet Kill Switch is a fail-safe button to ensure your privacy remains intact at all times.

  • Dedicated IP

PureVPN offers dedicated IP add-on for people who want complete control over their online reputation.

  • DDoS Protection

PureVPN’s DDoS protection add-on is capable of defeating the most complex DDoS attacks for ultimate protection.

  • Internet Privacy

PureVPN helps you leave no traces behind while browsing the internet!

  • IP Address Masking

Keep your real IP safely hidden while you browse the internet with complete privacy.

  • Anonymous Browsing

You remain completely anonymous by getting an anonymous IP from the region of your choice.

  • DNS Leak Protection

Get impenetrable security for your data and devices, and stop DNS leaks with PureVPN’s unique features.

  • IPV6 Leak Protection

Fearing an IPV6 leak? Fret not because PureVPN offers IPV6 leak protection with its windows app.

  • Web RTC Leak Protection

Protect and stop your real IP from leaking on websites via the WebRTC leak protection feature.

  • Ad Blocking

The built-in ad-blocking feature blocks ads from taking up screen space and stops extra consumption of bandwidth.

PureVPN Review – Privacy Policy

PureVPN claims that whatever activities users conduct online, even PureVPN doesn’t know about them, making users completely undetectable.

Here’s how PureVPN puts it:

“We DO NOT keep any record of your browsing activities, connection logs, records of the VPN IPs assigned to you, your original IPs, your connection time, the history of your browsing, the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, the content or data you accessed, or the DNS queries generated by you.”

In PureVPN’s argument, the VPN service wants users to have the surety of knowing that PureVPN only collects minimal data, the sole purpose of which is to operate their VPN service and keep it running smoothly.

PureVPN’s systems, processes, and servers are designed to not keep any sensitive/personally identifiable data. This is done by design to ensure that the VPN service has NO data to share, even when required by law to do so from scratch.

  • Information PureVPN Collects at Signup

PureVPN collects minimal information at signup.

  1. Just your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Payment method (PayPal, Bitcoin, Gift card, etc.)
  • How PureVPN Uses This Information

The information collected by the VPN service is only used for internal purposes and is never shared or sold to third-parties.

What happens with the information?

  • Used to deliver, operate, and maintain PureVPN’s cutting-edge services
  • Used to improve, personalize, and expand VPN services
  • Used to connect with the user, either directly or through one of PureVPN’s partners, including for customer service, to provide users with regular updates to the fleet of servers, campaigns, offerings and other information relating to the Service, and for marketing and promotional purposes
  • Used to process users transactions (invoices, etc.)
  • Used to find and prevent fraud
  • Used to comply with the law, including enforcing our Terms of Service, or other legal rights

Furthermore, PureVPN claims that they have no records of the following:

  • Your origin IP address
  • Assigned VPN server IP address
  • VPN session timestamp
  • Your browsing activities
  • DNS requests

If you look at it, PureVPN doesn’t log any online activity and is unaware of what you access, upload or downloading while using their service. According to PureVPN,

We are unable to identify at what time you connected to the VPN, with which IP address and which VPN IP was assigned to you. Even if we are compelled to share user information, we simply cannot because we have nothing personally identifiable to share.

PureVPN Review – Security Features

PureVPN boasts a range of security features that strengthen your online presence and make you invulnerable on the web.

In out testing, we observed that PureVPN’s plan comes packed with highest graded security features like:

  • Ad Blocker

Ads pop up and start playing automatically, getting in the way of the content you are trying to view online. They take over the screen on certain sites, expand and contract, and refuse to budge, ruining your online experience. Ads also:

  • Track user behavior
  • Slow down browsing
  • Lead to malware

Going online without an ad-blocker is like driving a car without a windshield – reckless and dangerous!

With PureVPN’s Ad-blocker, you get:

  • Improved browsing speeds because of the images, analytics code and scripts it blocks.
  • Web pages are free from clutter and are hence more reader-friendly
  • For mobile users, it’s better for your wallet as decreased bandwidth usage lowers data costs.

Without PureVPN’s Ad-blocker, you are susceptible to the following:

  • Slow browsing speeds when connecting to sites.
  • Cluttered web pages with too many ads.
  • Higher data costs as ads increase bandwidth usage.
  • Antivirus & Antimalware

Malware, viruses, and worms have a long, dreadful history of infecting computers around the world. Malware was created with the one motive in mind – profit. Conventional criminals shifted their focus online and started making malware and other nasty software to earn quick money.

With PureVPN’s antivirus and anti-malware capabilities, you are protected against any and all viruses and malware that are trying their level best to infiltrate your system. Not only do you get complete protection against viruses and malware of the yesteryears, we have what it takes to protect you against the threats rearing their heads in the future.

Single-Toggle Activation

Enable the toggle and get access to advanced features which will combat viruses and malware on your device.

Easy Installation Process

Easy to install and setup process; hardly takes any time.

No Hardware Necessary

The installation and setup process are both automatic and do not require any additional hardware.

  • App Blocker

With PureVPN’s an app blocker, PureVPN users can easily limit or block specific applications and software from accessing the internet. Furthermore, an app blocker is also handy when it comes to:

  • Blocking high-risk apps that compromise your data and privacy.
  • Controlling the usage of social applications like YouTube and Facebook and eluding graphic content.


  • Stopping your kids from using their favorite apps at bedtime or during school.
  • Giving you a clear picture of the apps installed, and the ability to make sure your device is used the way you want it to.


  • PureVPN’s App Blocker blocks high-risk apps that could possibly give away your data and online privacy in the hands of those with evil intentions.
  • You have the capability to regulate social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp and Snapchat.
  • PureVPN’s app blocker stops your children and employees from using specific apps at wrong times like when it’s the kids bedtime or there’s an office meeting going on.
  • Once the app blocker is activated, you’ll get complete control over the apps installed and the exclusivity of using your device the way you want.
  • Want to block access to a particular app? Simply select the app you want to block from the app blocker panel and you’re good to go!
  • Lock all the apps on your mobile phone or just selected apps as per you choice to keep users from accessing them.
  • Once apps are in block mode, they cannot be opened or used, barring your employees or kids from any kind of activity that you don’t approve of.
  • PureVPN’s advanced app blocking has been developed keeping small and large businesses in mind, making it perfect for corporate use


  • Intrusion Detection System & Intrusion Prevention System

PureVPN is committed to the needed rights of every user internet user and that is the right to have online privacy.

PureVPN recently announced the addition of Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS), which enables PureVPN’s users to remain clear of privacy intrusions when connected to the VPN service.

Here’s the breakdown of PureVPN’s IDS/IPS:

  • Intrusion DS allows early detection of any malicious activity over a network
  • The highly sophisticated and artificially intelligent IPS stops unauthorized access
  • All data is monitored for suspicious activity, yet no logs or record are kept
  • No additional installation needed, our 360 features come built-in with the app
  • Keep your personal information safe from those who want to steal your identity


  • Web Filtering

Web Filtering is an innovative feature that screens webpages to determine whether some or all of it should not be displayed to the user. The web filtering solution scans websites that are likely to include undesirable advertising, explicit content, spyware, viruses, and other objectionable content.

Family-Oriented Protection

The ingenious functionality has been created keeping families in mind. Smart filters scrutinize pages to discard any content that is not family friendly.

Personal Use

Maximize your potential by getting the right content you searched for without worrying about marketers monitoring your online activities and targeting you.

Category-Based Filtering

PureVPN’s web filter scans millions of domains and web pages to give you control over which sites can be accessed by users on your network or other users of your device or PC.

Allow/block URLs

Easily allow/block URLs that can be accessed from within your organization. With categories of URLs, blocking off similar types of URLs is as easy as clicking your mouse.

Block Page Bypass

This enables you to assign individual users to your device with the ability to access specific filtered categories, such as social networking, or individual domains that are frequently blocked on your network.

Setup Limitations

With our URL filtering, blocking off URLs categorized in Gambling, Alcohol, Porn, Violence or any other category is as easy as a few clicks.

Single-Toggle Activation

Enabling a simple toggle gets you access to advanced features to help you combat viruses and malware.

Easy Installation

Installation and setup process is simple and hardly takes any time.

No Hardware Required

Web Filtering is a server-level feature, which means there is no installation required on your end. Hence, securing you against malicious entities right from the server.

PureVPN Review – Support

The 24/7/365 live chat support is the crowning jewel of PureVPN’s customer support, our PureVPN review analyzed.

In our PureVPN review, we noted that the VPN service has one of the best customer support teams out there. You can get in touch with their representatives though live chat, support tickets or the forum.

Tickets can be generated for a wide variety of purposes like billing queries, dedicated support, complaints, and assistance with setting up the app or extension, etc.

However, you can also find solutions to your problems by visiting the Support Centre, where the most commonly asked questions are answered.

We also came across a Forum during our PureVPN review. The small community of PureVPN users help each other in resolving any issues they are facing.

In fact, in many instances we saw PureVPN support representatives diving into the discussions and trying their best to answer as many questions as possible.

If you are still unable to resolve your issue, then simply head over to the PureVPN website and use the live chat feature!

It remains online 24 hours a day without fail and there are zero bots involved in the process. Customer support provides immediate assistance to any queries and concerns. Smaller to mid-sized problems are always solved within moments, our PureVPN review checked.

PureVPN scores full marks in our PureVPN review for providing their customers the comfort of knowing that there is always someone present on the other side to help with any service issues.

When you’re on PureVPN’s support page, you’ll be greeted with redirections for:

  • Getting Started
  • Troubleshoot
  • Setup Guide
  • Account & Billing
  • VPN Use Cases
  • FAQs before Purchase
  • Account Upgrade
  • For Users in China
  • How to Watch Netflix US

PureVPN Review – Multilingual Support

Our PureVPN review discovered that unlike most other VPN providers, PureVPN believes in the power of communication and connecting with their users from any region. So far, PureVPN has setup multiple web pages specifically for users in these regions.

Hong Kong: https://www.purevpn.com/hk/

Japan: https://www.purevpn.com/jp/

Thailand: https://www.purevpn.com/th/

Brazil: https://www.purevpn.com/br/

Spain: https://www.purevpn.com/es/

Italy: https://www.purevpn.com/it/

Denmark: https://www.purevpn.com/dk/

Saudi Arabia: https://www.purevpn.com/ar/

Sweden: https://www.purevpn.com/se/

France: https://www.purevpn.fr/

PureVPN apps are also available in multiple languages. These languages include Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and Spanish languages. This helps users from these regions to use the app easily and effectively.

PureVPN Review – Apps

PureVPN Works on All Your Devices

PC, smartphone, router, Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick or Kodi; PureVPN supports them all.

Desktop Applications

Our desktop apps for Windows and Mac offer cutting-edge features for seamless connectivity.

Mobile Applications

Our smart apps for Android and iOS guarantee protection of your data all the time.

Browser Extensions

Our Firefox and Chrome extensions offer a simplified functionality of PureVPN.


Our dedicated applet for routers takes the hassle out of configuring PureVPN on your router.

TV & Devices

We have a dedicated app for Smart TVs so you can have all the internet freedom on your TV.

Gaming Consoles

Our service offers a more immerse gaming experience with reduced lag and ping times.

PureVPN Review – Google Chrome and Firefox Extension

Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, used by millions of users around the world. From big businesses to your everyday internet café, Google Chrome has engulfed our lives in ways that used to be unimaginable.

As Google Chrome is the primary browser, it attracts malicious actors and hackers. Another reason why Chrome is incredibly popular is that it allows you add various extensions to your browser and customize your online browsing and streaming experience.

Same goes for Firefox where you can install extensions to modify your internet experience.

Chrome’s extension store, similar to Google’s Play Store, allows multiple vendors to list their product as an extension. These extensions can then be downloaded and used by Chrome users, allowing them to personalize their browser to their liking.

Among the thousands of extensions available on Chrome are VPN extensions, which allow you to connect securely with a VPN while you browse around the internet on Google Chrome.

VPN for Google Chrome is unquestionably necessary for every internet user in today’s digital era. It not only gives users the freedom they deserve to browse anywhere on the internet, but it also offers users with the complete online security and anonymity they should be getting.

PureVPN’s Google Chrome VPN extension features

PureVPN promotes internet privacy and freedom. Its extension comes packed with all the security-centric features which help users in combating the malicious entities on the internet. The following are some of the features you can play with while using PureVPN extension:

Acts as an Ad-blocker

When your VPN extension is up and running on your Chrome browser, you no longer need to worry about YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Search Ads, Pop-up ads, Auto-playing video ads, or other kinds of ads that become a nuisance while you're browsing the web.

Ultimate Malware Protection

Malware is actually a destructive software that can easily disrupt your entire system. PureVPN’s Chrome VPN extension protects you against viruses, Trojans, ransomware, spyware, adware amongst numerous other malicious programs.

Far-reaching WebRTC Protection

WebRTC is commonly used for most web-related voice, video, or file sharing capabilities. Unfortunately, browsers suffer from WebRTC leaks which cause the browser to leak the original IP of a user. PureVPN's Chrome VPN extension overcomes this vulnerability and keeps your real IP address from leaking.

Provides Tracker Protection

Trackers have spread everywhere on the internet, monitoring each and every move that you make online. VPN Google Chrome masks your original IP address and obscures your real identity from data crawling websites so you and your data get supreme online privacy and security.

PureVPN’s Google Chrome VPN extension lets you connect with servers in up to 29 countries including the United States of America.

PureVPN Review – Setup Process

Setting up PureVPN is pretty easy. All you need is the following:

  1. An active PureVPN account
  2. A compatible device (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, router, Android TV, Amazon Firestick)
  3. Download the PureVPN App on Android from Google Play Store. On iOS – Play Store.
  4. Install the app on your device.
  5. Enter the credentials provided to you in the email (username and password)
  6. Connect to the server and enjoy an internet experience like never before.

PureVPN Review – Performance

Over the years, PureVPN has optimized its service by inaugurating features and eliminating bugs that could slow down its service. As a result, you get a fast and smooth internet experience.

  • Torrenting

Torrenting and downloading are two most loved methods of watching TV shows, videos, movies, songs and sharing files around the globe.

Nowadays, thousands of TV shows, movies, games, documentaries, songs and hit videos can be found on torrent sites. However, strict anti-piracy laws, DMCA acts and copyright issues have left torrenters to pay hefty fines and worse, even serve time in prison.

Seeing the risks and threats to torrenters, PureVPN is the safest and most economical solution for safe torrenting. With one-click torrenting protection, PureVPN offers instant anonymity to users who want to download torrents without getting caught.

With PureVPN, you can:

  • Connect to L2TP & torrent supported servers
  • Enjoy unlimited downloading (no bandwidth caps)
  • Get past ISP throttling
  • Stream securely and privately
  • Safe, secure & anonymous torrenting
  • Evade DMCA notices & copyright issues
  • Zero activity logging policy

If you’re a resident of Australia, you better know the consequences of torrenting and downloading pirated content. The authorities and the Australian government takes strict action against those who indulge in pirated content. As a result, you may be sued or fined by the government.

Additionally, the Australian authorities have gone to such an extent that they’ve enforced the Australian ISPs to block piracy sites and any other associated domain names. Therefore, you should always use a VPN when torrenting and downloading online.

  • Windows

According to our PureVPN review, the service has gradually improved its performance in terms of downloading speed on Windows. The same goes for other platforms like iOS since the VPN provider offers appreciable speeds on this operating systems.

Users who are comfortable with installing the application on their Windows device can do so by downloading the app from the Download page of PureVPN’s website. On the other hand, users who don’t want any added application on their Windows can install the VPN manually on their windows by following the setup guide available on PureVPN’s support page.

  • Android

PureVPN offers dedicated application for Android which is optimized to your Android phone’s needs.

During our PureVPN review, we thoroughly checked the VPN service on Android devices and found that the VPN application works flawless across multiple Android devices and Android versions. Not only did the VPN service performed flawlessly across different Android devices, but it was also found to offer 99.9% uptime.

The Android application of PureVPN can be downloaded from the Download page of the website. Secondly, users can also find the manual setup guide for different protocols on the support page.

Additionally, you can stream or download as much as you want without worrying about the bandwidth at all because PureVPN offers unlimited bandwidth to all users irrespective of their pricing plan or geographical location.

Because of the unlimited bandwidth capability and ISP throttling protection, we observed fastest browsing, streaming and downloading speeds on Android devices. Also, highest graded AES-256 bit encryption keeps your Android device secure against all sorts of malicious actors, cyberattacks, etc.

Unblock everything with the best Android VPN

Another benefit of using PureVPN on your Android device is that the application allows you to unblock over hundreds of thousands of websites including all the popular streaming services that are otherwise blocked in certain regions including the Netflix, Hulu Live, Sling TV, and many more.

We found PureVPN to be one of the best VPNs for unblocking popular streaming services.

  • MAC

MAC users tend to be choosy and picky when it comes to applications. Users will be pleased to find PureVPN’s Mac app to be fully optimized to Mac’s needs.

The user interface of the app is just smooth and intuitive. If you are a Mac user, you will be glad to hear that the PureVPN application works efficiently with the Mac devices and all versions.

With the convenience of 5 multi-logins, you can conveniently use the same credentials as you would use of Android, iOS or any other device. With PureVPN’s Mac application, you can stream and download all your favorite content on your Mac device, unblock restricted social media platforms and torrenting sites, websites and streaming portals, and secure your MAC data against cyber threats that include hacking, spying, spoofing, etc.

Another great feature that might sound appalling is that you can use PureVPN’s dedicated IPs on your Mac devices and experience an internet world like never before.

With dedicated IPs, you can enjoy better control of your browsing and streaming activities. If you’re interested in getting a dedicated IP, you can get the dedicated IP through the add-on selection on PureVPN’s order page.

  • iOS

The iOS platform isn’t any different and benefits from the beautifully designed app which is optimized for the iPhone.

Like other operating systems and devices, PureVPN works flawlessly on the iOS platform as well. We tested the VPN application on different versions of the iOS and found that it works seamlessly across all the versions. (iOS 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11).

The iPhone app comes packed with security-centric and streaming features and is most famous for the smart connect feature that lets users connect with an optimal server (in terms of performance and speed) with a single click.

Apart from smart connect, you will also notice that the VPN application for the iOS offers sleek user interface which is also completely user friendly when it comes to navigation.

The iOS app also has the Ozone features as well that include the malware protection, IDS and IPS, content filtering, app filtering and URL filtering.

  • Netflix

PureVPN is a pioneer in VPN extension category for coming up with an extension that supports Netflix streaming along with others like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, etc.

Netflix is the widely popular streaming service in the world. The streaming giant offers thousands of TV shows and movies. However, its huge collection of content varies from country to country or region or region.

Currently, Netflix offers its entire gallery in the US and UK, making these both regions the most popular and highly demanded. But, due to licensing problems, users can’t access the US and UK Netflix from abroad even if they have a US or UK Netflix subscription.

PureVPN bridges that gap and brings the content offered in the US and UK region right on your devices connected to the VPN service.

A great number of VPN services have lost their IP pool to Netflix ban and thus don’t offer access any more. With PureVPN, you get whitelisted IPs that are approved by Netflix, meaning you get instant access to Netflix’s content.

Another great thing about the extension is that not only can you unblock and access Netflix but also Hulu, Sling TV and other streaming channels.

Good news for PureVPN users is that they can access and watch US and UK Netflix shows from anywhere in the world.

  • Kodi

Who doesn’t love to use Kodi? In the recent years, Kodi has spiked great interest among streaming enthusiasts. This has led many VPN companies to jump in on designing a VPN service for Kodi.

The reason why Kodi needs a VPN service to function to its fullest is well, you guessed it, geo-restrictions. Kodi too is subject to regional restrictions like many other streaming services.

PureVPN offers super easy to install and use Best VPN for Kodi and it most famous for its quick setup and simple design.

Quick Setup

PureVPN’s Kodi VPN Add-on offers the most convenience when it comes to user experience. Keeping that user experience in mind, PureVPN removed any and all complications from its Kodi VPN add-on installation by having everything configured in their Kodi VPN repo.

Simple and Intuitive Design

PureVPN focuses a lot on design and presentation which is why all of its apps are refined and smooth. PureVPN’s Kodi VPN too gets an upper edge without eluding Kodi’s native experience. The app is designed with keeping Kodi’s native design in mind.

How to Get PureVPN’s Kodi VPN Add-on

  1. Visit PureVPN’s order page to sign up for a PureVPN account.
  2. Download the PureVPN Kodi repo.
  3. Install PureVPN Kodi add-on on your Kodi-enabled device.
  4. Connect to any of our hundreds of VPN locations.
  5. Access and stream your favorite content at the fastest speeds.

With PureVPN’s Kodi VPN Add-on, you can stream the following channels at lightning fast speeds:

Streaming Websites

PureVPN’s Kodi VPN Add-on features:

5 Multi-Logins

Use your Kodi VPN account on up to 5 different devices.

Stream 100+ Channels

Enjoy streaming at blazing-fast speeds on over 100s of popular streaming channels.

Split Tunneling

Control the flow of your VPN and ISP traffic by using the intelligent Split Tunneling feature.

ISP Throttling

Get past ISPs throttling and stream the content of your choice without any buffering.

Fastest Speeds

Get the fastest and ultimate streaming experience on your Kodi from anywhere.

As you’re aware, you can make use of PureVPN’s global network of 2000+ servers based in 180+ locations around the globe.

  • Streaming

Just like providing extraordinary privacy and security, streaming is another specialty of PureVPN. With PureVPN, you can stream what you want where you want, when you want!

You may ask, why I can’t stream online without having the need of a VPN service. Here are your reasons:

  • Temporary or permanently geographical blockades
  • Slow speed & persistent buffering
  • Intrusive popup ads
  • ISPs throttling your internet speed
  • Malicious codes and trackers on websites
  • Data theft while streaming
  • ISP and government surveillance
  • Deliberate censorship

An in-depth analysis shows how PureVPN delivers on its promise:

  • Unblock Content from 180+ Countries

Get rapid access to the content of your choice, even if it is not available in your home country, by virtually moving your location using PureVPN.

  • Ad Blocker

Not only are ads a nuisance, they also consume a lot of bandwidth. They destroy your browsing and streaming experience by forcing themselves on your screen. PureVPN gets rid of them at server-level, providing you an ad-free experience.

  • App Filter

PureVPN’s smart app blocker restricts apps in the background from consuming additional bandwidth while you are streaming your favorite movie or TV show.

  • Optimized Streaming Servers

PureVPN’s vastly efficient, enhanced, and secure servers ensure that users are able to stream seamlessly anytime and anywhere without worrying about slow internet speeds.

  • Web Filter

In today’s time, there are a lot of distractions. It could be at your workplace, school and even your home. PureVPN’s web filter will keep your employees and kids off of inappropriate content which is widely available on the web.

  • Internet Kill Switch

This is the most interesting feature and a life saver indeed. If your VPN connection drops, no worries as your online identity remains hidden and your data remains secure, thanks to the very smart internet kill switch that terminates the session instantly.

PureVPN Review – Compatibility (Router + Console)

With its aim to provide exceptional online privacy and security, PureVPN even has a native app for routers which provide users with the online security they need from the ground up.

With the router app, you don’t have to worry about connecting to the VPN service every time you want to go online. You can just setup the router applet on your router and connect as many devices as you want to the router.

All those devices connected to the router will then be secured under the PureVPN privacy umbrella. Now let’s take a look at the compatibility of consoles.

PureVPN on Xbox 360/Xbox One

Those individuals who wish to download their favorite games subject to regional restrictions will require a VPN for Xbox to not only access and download their favorite games that are blocked in their country but also to secure themselves against attacks that increasingly take place nowadays.

These attacks are commonly known as DDoS attacks which have become more and more common in online gaming.

Not only that, a VPN for Xbox will allow users to access and stream services like Netflix and Hulu on their Xbox device.

Even though the application isn’t available for direct installation, it can still be manually configured through different methods. For instance, PureVPN can be installed on your Xbox console through the router, where you need to install the application on the router and connect the console to the router.

Likewise, PureVPN can be configured on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One through Windows as well as a Mac device.

What’s convenient is that PureVPN has a dedicated blog with daily updates regarding awareness and support blogs to troubleshoot issues. Additionally, there are complete guides available on PureVPN support center and the blog where users can learn more about the setup process ad educate themselves on latest happenings.

PureVPN on PS3/PS4

Much like the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, PlayStation console users too look for a steadfast VPN service which allows them to access restricted games and options while evading geo-restrictions.

With PureVPN’s PlayStation VPN, you can enjoy country-blocked games, access and stream blocked streaming services and secure your consoles against security threats like DDoS attacks, ransomware attacks and botnets.

If you’re wondering whether PureVPN can be configured on PlayStation devices, then you would like to know that yes PureVPN can be configured on the latest PS3 and PS4 consoles through the router, windows and a Mac device.

Users can go to the PureVPN support website or the blog to find the complete step by step guide on the installation process.

PureVPN on Routers

When it comes to routers, PureVPN not only offers a complete manual setup guide for different routers but also offer a pre-configured router known as FlashRouters. Learn more here.

Don’t get us wrong. PureVPN is extremely dedicated and well-matched with a wide range of globally recognized routers available in the market including not only popular routers but other less popular routers as well.

If you visit the support center of PureVPN and check under the routers category, you will come across numerous setup guides for each router device. For example: DD-WRT, Tomato, D-Link, Belkin, TP-Link, MikroTik, Asus, DrayTek, and more.

Though, it is worth noting that PureVPN can only be configured on routers that offer PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. That’s for now, but it might change in the near future given how fast developments take place at PureVPN.

PureVPN Review – Speed Test

In this PureVPN review, we will also be shedding some light on the speed tests we carried out to bring you the truest picture of the VPN service.

After all, speed plays a crucial role when it comes to cherry-picking the best VPN service for your internet needs.

We tested the VPN service on multiple servers during our PureVPN review, and gathered amazing results about the VPN service. It was noted that the VPN service did not drastically reduce the speed when connected to servers far across the globe.

Tests also included downloading and streaming online content and as promised by the VPN service, it lived up to its word. There was no delay or buffer and connection was instant.

Since the internet connection didn’t slow down the browsing and streaming speeds after connecting to PureVPN, it made the streaming and downloading experience a complete delight. It was hard to believe this coming from a VPN service but PureVPN’s optimized servers do deliver on their efficient speeds.

However, an essential thing to keep in mind is that to get the fastest speeds on your device, you should connect to a server located close to your region as it lowers your ping and provides great internet speeds due to minimal traveling of your internet requests.

On the other hand, if you do experience slow speeds, there’s nothing to worry about. All you need to do is switch between protocols and it will hopefully solve the issue or you could disconnect and connect again to a different location.

However, if even that doesn’t solve the problem, you can always contact PureVPN’s customer support team that are available around the clock to solve your VPN related queries.

Comparison of PureVPN with Other Services

If you dont find something you like.Dont be disheartened as we have covered in this regard too.Here is the list of purevpn alternatives you can try out:

  1. PureVPN vs NordVPN
  2. PureVPN vs ExpressVPN
  3. PureVPN vs IPVanish

PureVPN Review – Conclusion

PureVPN has a strong reputation among internet users from around the world. You can search for it from any part of the world and you’ll have it in the top tier, mostly in the top 5.

That is a big deal given how competitive VPN industry has become. We didn’t just follow the reviews on the internet but instead tested the VPN service to its limits and found almost no reason to not give the best VPN service the highest ratings for its exceptional speed, reliable performance, easy user interface and privacy-centric features.

The VPN giant offers 2000+ servers based in 140+ locations with a huge pool of 300,000 IPs that secure your digital existence when you’re connected to the VPN service. Also, the VPN service offers servers in all the popular regions in the world.

Most importantly, PureVPN offers insane number of features to be classified as an average VPN service. The features offered by PureVPN can be hardly found in the top VPN services in the industry.

What makes appealing is that the VPN service is reasonably priced while offering diverse pricing plans depending on the users’ needs.

To sum it up, PureVPN is a great VPN service and we highly recommend it to you.

PureVPN Ranked Number 1 at BestVPN.co Review Site

Numerous review websites have put PureVPN to the test. Now, BestVPN.co has conducted a detailed review of the VPN provider. The review highlights various features of PureVPN, along with several tests. Their overall examination of the provider puts PureVPN service as the best VPN. They even rank it as the number one provider!

One of the key features pointed out by BestVPN.co in review of purevpn is PureVPN’s server spread. With more than 2000 servers in different locations, users can unblock any content from any corner on earth.

Overall, the review places PureVPN as an excellent tool for bypassing geo-restrictions and internet censorship. It also sheds light on how different features can aid users in enhancing their streaming experience.

PureVPN Deemed as the Leading VPN Provider at VPNRanks

Just like many other products and services, VPN services are also reviewed by software critics across the Internet. Similarly, VPNRanks.com is an insightful review website that gives detailed reviews on products and help you decide which VPN is the best for you.

The VPN review website seems to give great respect to PureVPN and hold it to be a trustworthy and leading VPN providers in the town.

In its highly-detailed PureVPN review on its website, VPNRanks highlights many amazing and powerful features. For instance, the VPN service has an enormous pool of anonymous IPs that count to over 95,000. Moreover, PureVPN has a massive network of secured VPN servers that use military-grade encryption technology, i.e., 2356-bit AES encryption.

Apart from highlighting the many powerful and smart features of PureVPN, the review website also highlights some cons of the VPN service.

For instance, the VPN service doesn’t offer any free trial unlike some other VPN providers. Moreover, PureVPN offers only 15-days money back guarantee, while some other services offer more than that.

All in all, PureVPN is a great tool in overcoming geo-restriction problems. Plus, its fastest streaming servers offer a great streaming experience to binge-watchers across the globe.

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